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The World Technology Network (the Wtn) Announces The Global Challenges Program
Global Challenge Initiative: End Hunger In A Decade.. To Debut At The 2013 World Technology Summit In Association With Fortune, Time, Cnn, 10/15/2013 - What if some of the most innovative people alive today came up with new ideas to solve some of the greatest challenges of our times? What about starting with ending world hunger in a decade? What if we could gather, in one city, in one place, some of the brightest, most creative, most impactful minds on the planet—from the technology science, and NGO communities—and ask them to brainstorm on the most pressing social and environmental issues?

The World Technology Network (The WTN) is pleased to announce the Global Challenges Program and its first (2013) initiative: End Global Hunger in a Decade.

For more than a decade, many of the world’s most brilliant technological minds have been sharing and collaborating as part of the WTN. At this year’s World Technology Summit, held in association with Fortune, TIME, CNN, and others, at the TIME Conference Center in New York City on November 14 & 15, the WTN will focus the second day on the problems our global community must deal with in the face of chronic malnutrition and hunger. This intense brainstorming workshop will aim to find tangible solutions for a tangible crisis, both in developed and developing countries.

End Global Hunger in a Decade is the first initiative in the WTN’s new Global Challenges Program, focused on combining technological innovation and humanitarian goals, addressing a new challenge each year. The brainstorming sessions will facilitate dialogue among the different fields and industries within science and technology, represented at the Summit by some of the world's most innovative and impactful people and companies. This bold experiment wonders what the most innovative minds can do when presented with a challenge… even when not expert in the problem at hand… and particularly when not entrenched in the established approach to a problem. We believe this process can generate truly new ideas at a time when that is precisely what the world needs.

About the WTN: The WTN is a curated membership community composed of the world’s most innovative individuals and organizations in science, technology, and related fields. Its members are focused on exploring what is imminent, possible, and important in and around emerging technologies. Since 2000, the network has honored these people at the annual World Technology Summit & Awards.

The 2013 World Technology Summit will occur on November 14th and 15th, with the World Technology Awards presented in a black-tie gala ceremony on the evening of November 15th to the Winners in 20 diverse categories, ranging from Iinformation Technology, Biotechnology, Energy, and Space to the Arts, Ethics, Policy, Finance, and the Environment.

To learn more about the WTN’s 2013 Global Challenge initiative, End Global Hunger in a Decade, visit

To learn more about the World Technology Network, and to see this year’s Awards finalists, visit

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