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Tomlin Medical Offers Standard Secondhand Medical Operating Tables in Australia
Tomlin Medical, a reliable online medical equipment supplier in Australia, offers secondhand operating tables at reasonable prices., 5/12/2022 - In a time and age like this, technology has also influenced the medical field, as there are numerous technological products specially made for carrying out medical tasks. Healthcare providers get to do their work effectively and with more precision through these products. In Australia, Tomlin Medical specializes in supplying new and pre-owned professional medical and veterinary equipment to healthcare facilities. Provided at their warehouse are a variety of medical products. These products include operating tables, general equipment, anaesthetic equipment, patient monitors, endoscopy equipment, electrosurgical equipment, ultrasound units, microscopes, thermometers, infusion pumps, x-ray equipment, autoclaves, and general equipment. 


Answering a query, Tomlin Medical’s spokesperson commented, “You can pick up your orders directly from our warehouse, and you can be sure to get standard products from us. We have been in this business for over four years now, and we have provided many clients and customers with various medical and veterinary products. As an establishment in the business of supplying medical products, we ensure all our products are of top-quality and at the same time long-lasting. At our warehouse, customers are also free to browse through our products and make their choice of medical equipment and surgical instruments. More so, we do our best to make sure delicate and large items get to our customers’ healthcare facilities in one peace”.  


Provided at Tomlin Medical are various types of operating tables. Their inventory includes Denyer C MAX, Denyer XRT 2000, Steris AMSCO 3085 SP, Trans X Hydraulic, and Medricon operating table. The prices of these operating tables range from $1,850 to $5,900, and they offer customers value for their money. For instance, the Medricon operating table, which is made in the United States, is made of premium carbon fibre. It comes with electronic remote control, as well as battery backup. Also, the Denyer XRT 2000 is a great product, and it has one of the highest and lowest height ranges amongst other operating tables. Therefore, healthcare facilities that are in search of where to  buy a secondhand operating table  can consult Tomlin Medical.


The spokesperson further added, “The Denyer XRT 2000 operating table was built through essential info from experts. The quality of this product and the ease it offers in operation are all based on the information provided by surgical experts. Hence, it is a good fit for all manner of surgical procedures. Its 4-section top enables surgeons to have several positioning options to cover an extensive range of surgical procedures. Denyer XRT 2000 also has the option for extended height adjustment”.


At Tomlin Medical, they distribute their products to healthcare facilities across Australia. This includes locations such as the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania, and New South Wales. Customers can also make payments for products purchased from Tomlin Medical through payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, American Express, MasterCard, VISA, Google Pay, and so forth.


About Tomlin Medical:


Tomlin Medical is a family-owned and operated Australian company that supplies professional medical equipment. Healthcare professionals can contact them for trusted  medical supplies online in Australia .

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