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Thomas Cutler

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TR Cutler Manufacturing Journalist Looks at Automakers and Suppliers
TR Cutler Manufacturing Journalist Looks at Automakers and Suppliers, 3/14/2019 - According to manufacturing journalist Thomas R. Cutler, automakers and their suppliers are America’s largest manufacturing sector, responsible for three percent of the U.S. GDP. With distributed plants and locations increasing in number, it has become difficult to gauge defects for the more than 20,000 moving parts that go into a vehicle. Distributed manufacturing can lead to containment issues, organizational silos and a major data disconnect, ultimately effecting efficiency, productivity and profitability.

The use of real-time data analytics can help to identify and contain defects and address quality issues in the supply chain. In fact, 31 percent of production/non-production processes and equipment already incorporate some level of embedded intelligence, and this number is only projected to increase. With the right tools and cutting-edge platforms, manufacturers can reach synchronization, reduce costs and boost productivity.

Cutler reports that decreasing communication delays, costs and inefficiencies across distributed locations is part of Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Industry 4.0. He added that by immediately responding and dramatically reducing the defect exposure window to production, manufacturers are able to identify defect root causes and driving resolution at the source to quickly eliminate containment. Cutler noted that throughout 2019 he will be addressing course correcting variability in parts with supplier/manufacturer synchronization. A deep dive in feature editorial coverage will include providing real-time data and alerts throughout operational levels to identify and resolve issues.

About TR Cutler, Inc.

Thomas R. Cutler is the President and CEO of Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based, TR Cutler, Inc., (, the largest manufacturing communication firm worldwide with four dozen industry experts and thought leaders on staff. Cutler is celebrating the 20-year anniversary of the founding of the Manufacturing Media Consortium, which now has more than 7,000 global members including journalists, editors, publishers, and economists, worldwide writing about trends, industrial data, manufacturing case studies, material handling profiles, and robotics feature articles. He maintains extraordinary relationships with clients, journalists, editors, economists, trendsetters, and key business leaders worldwide and has become a key resource for those writing about the manufacturing sector. Cutler is passionate about expanding the coverage and importance of the manufacturing media coverage.

The hot topics impacting the industrial and distribution sector for 2019 include employee engagement, retention, customer service, robotics, Industry 4.0, Big Data, IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), mobile technology solutions, inventory control, procurement solutions, warehouse solutions at the distribution, warehouse, and 3PL levels. Manufacturing material flow, Fork Truck Free transformations, global real-time actionable data, along with lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints and Digital Visual Management. Cutler is particularly focused on the growing role of Women in Manufacturing (at the C-Suite and on the plant floor). Cutler expects the interaction of manufacturing, logistics, last mile delivery issues to permeate the media conversation over the next year.

Cutler has authored more than 7,000 articles for a wide range of manufacturing periodicals, industrial publications, and business journals each published in leading monthly trade magazines, B2B periodicals, blogs, and marquis publications globally. Cutler is the most published freelance industrial journalist worldwide, and more than 4000 industry leaders follow Cutler on Twitter daily at @ThomasRCutler.

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