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Truehab Pvt. Ltd.
TrueHAB Pvt. Ltd.

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TrueHAB Is Building The World’s Largest Community Of Travellers
TrueHAB is an online platform that inspires people to plan unforgettable tours while optimizing the travel cost., 7/20/2020 - Established in the year 2020, TrueHAB is a technology-driven and goal-oriented online platform dedicated to providing unmatched travel services. It is the brainchild of Pratima Sinha and Prem Singh Kukreja who had this penchant for providing flawless travel experiences and more value at lower rates to the public. The information-rich online platform works to bring travellers and travel experts together. Comprising true travel stories, the best of travel itineraries, exotic international vacation packages and budget domestic vacation packages and more, TrueHAB inspires travellers to plan amazing holidays for themselves and their loved ones.

While answering a query related to TrueHAB, the spokesperson commented, “TrueHAB is a newly launched consumer internet start-up, which is building the world's largest community of travellers. With many travel stories and insights and over 50,000 trusted travel experts, TrueHAB indeed is a quintessential online platform for vacationers. We capture the entire journey of travellers, right from the point at which they felt inspired to set out for travel to discover new horizons and finally reaching their dream destination in person. Additionally, we connect travellers with the best travel experts and agents in the industry that help them make their dream travels cost-optimal.”

TrueHAB’s amazing team goes overboard for making lives easy and interesting for travellers by helping them book the most wonderful travel destinations based on their individual needs. While exploring destinations, travellers can browse through the travel videos and stories available on this distinguished online platform. They are first-hand experiences of travellers who are a little fond of writing. As soon as people find some travel story similar to the one they have been dreaming about, TrueHAB allows them to book the exact travel experience. All this happens seamlessly, as TrueHAB’s tour and travel experts work in coordination with the travel writer’s team to create perfect holiday experiences.

The spokesperson added, “We at TrueHAB welcome explorers from all over the world to share and discover first-hand travel stories and narratives. Our goal behind doing so is to enable people to share and learn about personal, real and authentic travel stories. We ensure mapping each destination that they write about with relevant matter and images. Our travel experts work diligently to create the same travel experiences and itineraries, which our readers find interesting. Also, we link these specific itineraries directly to contributors who made this journey possible.”

TrueHAB makes the searching and discovering of independent, authentic and personalized travel information easy and effective. The online platform is continuously working to come up with even more reliable tools that can help people to share their travel experiences online easily and beautifully. Those looking for the best family package for Kerala can find one on TrueHAB and even customize it to match their taste and preference.

About TrueHAB Pvt. Ltd.:

TrueHAB is an online platform dedicated to bringing travellers, explorers and travel experts together. People can read about and share their personal travel experiences online with ease on the online platform. Additionally, they can choose from hundreds of domestic and international travel packages, such as they can book Bali Malaysia package, quickly and conveniently.

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