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Twin Pastors’ Book Helps Readers Achieve Personal Growth
Internationally known ministers Kay and Olu Taiwo are releasing an expanded version of their third book, “The Vision Guided Life: God’s Strategy for Fulfilling Your Destiny,” with four new chapters., 3/10/2014 - BUFORD, Ga. March 10, 2014 -- Kay and Olu Taiwo, identical twin ministers with an international following, are releasing an expanded version of their popular book, “The Vision Guided Life: God’s Strategy for Fulfilling Your Destiny,” a guide for people to accomplish their goals in life and their vision for the future.

Originally published in the fall of 2013, “The Vision Guided Life” adds four new chapters about overcoming obstacles in life, courage, keeping personal vision alive, and God’s vision and purpose for nations – a blueprint for today’s troubled times.

“The Vision Guided Life” is available in print, as an audiobook and downloadable eBook.

“The Vision Guided Life” brings a freshness and simplicity with a very down-to-earth approach. The principles in this book are relevant to the church world and the secular world as well.

The Taiwos write that the greatest test to determine if a person has the vision to reach his or her God-given potential is to look at the people, not the leader. The people are a reflection of the presence or absence of vision.

Readers will discover the following in the 32 chapters of “The Vision Guided Life”:

• How to accurately define vision

• How to grasp vision for living

• How to state one's mission in life

• How to dispel misconceptions about vision

• How to turn thought to application

Readers will find particularly relevant the added chapter on “God’s Vision and Purpose for Nations.” It traces the origins of nations and languages from the time of the Tower of Babel, and presents with great clarity the impact of communication.

The book also includes a "28 Day Group Exercise" to help individuals, families and churches begin a month-long discussion on vision.

Kay and Olu Taiwo have over 20 years of speaking experience, and they’ve brought their ministry to audiences in Ukraine, Nigeria, England, Philippines, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Canada, and across the United States. They conduct Vision, Identity and Purpose (VIP) seminars that equip the individual to recognize, pursue and maximize the fulfillment of his or her God-given destiny. The Taiwos are co-authors of “The Progenitor Principle: Why You Must Leave a Legacy Behind” and “Uncovering the Hidden Stranger Within: Answering the Question of Identity.”

The Taiwos are also blazing a digital ecumenical trail around the world by promoting biblical literacy to thousands of people through their mobile apps.

“The Vision Guided Life: God’s Strategy for Fulfilling Your Destiny” is available in print through all major online distributors; as an e-book version for Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook reader; and for the iPad or iPhone via Apple's iBook store. It is also available in Spanish as an eBook.

Visit for more information about “The Vision Guided Life.” To learn more about Vision for Life Ministries, go to

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