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Chelsea Hackett

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Unique Business Ideas: Internet Research Firm Excellent Small Business
The low startup cost of many unique business ideas is a factor that rates high on the list of those wanting to open their own small business., 7/14/2013 - Many at-home businesses require buying into a program or supplies to get started. An Internet research firm is one of a few [URL=]unique business ideas[/URL] that only requires an Internet connection and access to databases.

“Since you are reading this press release, you have an Internet connection,” said Sandy McQueen of

An Internet researcher looks for and produces information for various companies.

“It is something similar to what a paralegal does. Rather looking for specific legal information, an Internet researcher looks for anything a customer needs,” said McQueen.

Most think this would be using Bing, Google and other popular search engines, but this is not the case. Internet research uses databases.

“A database contains more scholarly information, reviewed journals and the like. A search engine will find this information but it is often buried deeply in the results pages,” said McQueen.

Access to these databases will require some memberships, although some schools and colleges will offer free access to many of them if a computer is used on campus.

“This is a great thing for a student. Libraries may have some access, but it will be limited,” said McQueen.

Those who are serious about this career need to realize it may take a bit of time to be recognized for the work.

“Becoming an expert will not happen immediately, so expect to spend quite a long time working to that goal,” said McQueen.

Salaries range from the moderate $30,000/yr to over $75,000/yr.

McQueen has much more to say about this career, including excellent ways to get fully started on its webpage available [URL=]here[/URL] .

If you are interested in learning more about [URL=]unique business ideas[/URL] or what Sandy has to say about starting businesses and her other suggestions and solutions for working from home, visit her website at [URL=][/URL]

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