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Kaila Truth

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United States International Economic Warfare - Who's Really In Control America?
International Economical Warfare - "Impacting and Endangering" American Family's Lives, 11/05/2013 - United States International Economic Warfare - Who's Really In Control America?

American Citizen's please read about which International Corporations are supplying your family with vital economical products impacting every 'American Household!' America it's "Very Imperative," If you care anything about your Children, Grandchildren or America's 'Next Generations' Please follow CABIRI, a organization here to enlighten you on many things harming you and your families lives.

West Palm Beach, FL,

“New Age” International-United States Pharmaceutical World - TBA

Please know, The United States of America has become a 'Diversified Cultural Country.' In this "New Wake," American citizens and the U.S. Government have failed to realize, what this actually means for the American people and their precious families. Please “Wake up America it’s called, Economical Warfare!” Did you know very important vital economical resources, businesses, money, and jobs are being swept away from America, Very SWIFTLY and QUICKLY!

CABIRI's, founder is a prior "Corporate Business Professional," and Business Owner, who'd never imagined going from a Healthy "Go-Getter," to a medical mess losing everything and everyone around her, due to severe 'Life-Threatening' side effects from a faulty device. “With that said,” Her career has changed to Consumer Advocacy Business Research to help, "Protect and educate American families." In her book (TBA) and new 'Social Media' business the American public will know the "Real Truth and Facts," Behind our “New International Corporations,” doing business within the United State’s who are currently impacting and harming, “American Family’s Lives”!

AMERICA! Obama care is the least of United States problems, which many citizens currently don't have medical insurance! America there’s bigger bad fish swimming in the American sea; American Citizen should be very frightened and aware! CABIRI's social media business and upcoming book, you’ll read about the “New Age International-United States Pharmaceutical World,” which the U.S. Government isn't concerned with, although it's impacting American citizens lives, health, safety and their well-being

Please Answer The Following Question:

What International country do you Personally know, would permit any American Business Professional to move Into there country and allow them to open several large corporations, then let The American corporation Lay-Off the majority of their countries employees, In return recruit United States employee’s on work visa's to work at the New American Owned Corporation? More details inside my book, Americans start paying attention things are happening in your country! They are here now months after writing this article!

"America," Ask your Government Officials, FDA, NIH, HHS, CDC and other major Health Agencies; Who’s Really In Control, of America's 'Vital Economical Good's?' As you can see,"NOT THE UNITED STATES!" Many U.S. businesses are international owned and operated.

There's a huge problem within our Country besides America's Pharmaceutical Industry. Every American family is Currently at risk! (Occurring Now)

See attached Article's for fact's and proof America has some severe economical issue's!

Book release TBA! “New Age International- United States Pharmaceutical World.

My Book will be Dedicated to "Each American Family For their Personal Safety, Health, and Well-being, which Is currently at Stake"!

Personal Quote: "Money-Power-Greed=Death

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