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Verma Coaching Academy
Raj Bahl
144/201 Neshvilla Road, Dobhalwala

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Verma Coaching Academy Prepares Students to Crack Entrance Exams of the Best Boarding Schools
Verma Coaching Academy serves as a top choice for many students trying to crack entrance exams of India’s top boarding schools., 7/21/2021 - India has many boarding schools, and some hold the distinction for being the top boarding schools in the nation. Students from all over the country strive to be a part of them, as it is a matter of pride for them and their parents. However, getting into these reputed schools is not at all a cakewalk. They all have entrance exams, which are pretty difficult to crack without thorough preparation and correct guidance. Verma Coaching Academy has been helping students to crack these entrance exams and clear interviews for the last 30 years. It is a co-ed coaching institution based in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, which prepares students to get into the boarding schools of their choice.

In an interview, Verma Coaching Academy’s spokesperson stated, “It goes without saying that every parent desires to give the best of education to their children. They put all sorts of efforts into getting their child into distinguished schools. However, difficult entrance exams sometimes prevent parents from transforming this vision of theirs into reality. For example, some of the top boarding schools in India have hard-to-crack entrance exams for children. We at Verma Coaching Academy are all about preparing students to clear the entrance exams of India’s 10 top boarding schools.”

Verma Coaching Academy boasts profound experience and highly skilled and appropriate faculty for every department. The chairman (Mr. R.M. Verma) and Director of Education (Mrs. V.L. Verma) of this coaching institute have years of experience in teaching. They have taught in some of the most prestigious schools for over 30. Being well-versed in the education field, they both give unconditional importance to academics. 

The same can be said for the other faculty members of Verma Coaching Academy. Highly capable and experienced, every faculty member knows the ins and outs of providing the best learning environment to students. 

The spokesperson added, “We aim to help our students get a place in the  top residential schools in Dehradun and across India. We count on state-of-the-art teaching methodologies and techniques for providing unmatched and the most rewarding learning experiences to our students. We allow access to the latest learning tools to learn and communicate between students and teachers effectively. We have smart classes, and all our classes are projector equipped for enhancing visual learning in the class.”

Verma Coaching Academy is a place for both boys and girls who desire to get admissions in the leading Indian boarding schools. The coaching academy has separate spacious accommodations for boys and girls, science labs, computer labs, different activity areas, a big dining hall, music room, playground, and several other amenities that account for a student’s learning and overall development.

About Verma Coaching Academy:

Verma Coaching Academy has a knack for preparing students to clear entrance exams of the top Indian boarding schools. Therefore, those trying to get into the  top 5 boarding schools in India can get in touch with Verma Coaching Academy today.

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