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Dony Garment Company
Henry Pham
142/4 Bau cat 2, 12 Ward, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

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Vietnamese Garment Companies Have “Shortcuts” In COVID-19
Operating more than 10 years in the garment industry, COVID-19 translation has swept away many large orders., 11/28/2021 - Operating more than 10 years in the garment industry, COVID-19 translation has swept away many large orders. At this moment, Pham Quang Anh – Director of Dony Garment Co., Ltd. decided to “reverse the storm”, changing the production model to export reusable face masks and medical protective clothing.

1Orientation difference

Always having a friendly smile is the first impression of CEO Pham Quang Anh (35 years old). He boasted that he was improving, adding a button to collect the mask to make the product fit with customers.

Talking about the story of turning the direction to make a mask, Quang Anh said that it was “good conditions”. “We are a company specializing in clothing and uniforms, with domestic and export markets. Work is on the same page, at the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic broke out, causing all orders to level off, domestic inventory and export goods stalled. There were orders from the US planned before Tet, one day before receiving the deposit, the customer informed to stop… Everything stopped so suddenly that I could not keep up ”, Quang Anh shared.

The idea to export fabric masks came from a friend from Quang Anh’s university. With 10 years working in the public health sector, this friend understands the process of producing antibacterial 3-layer fabric masks. Quang Anh decided to “shake hands” with his friends and Dony’s redirection took place not long after that. Inspection registration procedures are urgently prepared.

The time Dony produced fabric masks (March 2020), was also the time when many other businesses “jumped” into the masking market. Quang Anh received many suggestions, so he should not take risks because he joined slowly. “No one understands me by myself, I orient my mask to be different. I decided to make standard products for export, not just serving local, short-term needs ”- Quang Anh said.

When the company made the sample, which was also the time the Ministry of Health issued Circular 870 guiding the antimicrobial fabric masking regulation, Quang Anh immediately sent the product for inspection and was approved. In addition to the tested features, the packaging of the mask contributes to its own character. In order to minimize the risk of pathogen transmission from people, sterilize masks from inspection, classification and packaging. To complete these two stages, he arranged production at the factory in Ho Chi Minh City, the stage of autoclaving with E.O air conditioning technology at the factory in Binh Duong. With the product being offered to the market, two major domestic pharmaceutical companies immediately ordered 70,000 units for the first batch of products to donate to doctors and doctors at the field hospital against the campaign.

Not only offering domestically, Quang Anh also promotes product introduction to foreign partners, B2B e-commerce website (business to business). Also from here, many major markets around the world began to know about Dony.

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