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Thomas Cutler

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WarehouseOS Cycle Count App Provides Reliable Data to Warehouse Managers
WarehouseOS Cycle Count App Provides Reliable Data to Warehouse Managers, 12/04/2018 - Warehouse Mobile Solutions’ Cycle Count is an app available with WarehouseOS. Cycle Count utilizes the database maintained by the Tablet Director to assist operators in performing cycle counts in an efficient and reliable fashion without stopping to write and record data.

As the operator moves through the warehouse and scans the barcode for each location the item is highlighted in blue on the screen. Once the operator scans an item, if it is correct, the highlight changes to green indicating the association is correct. If an incorrect item is stored in a location when it is scanned, the highlight turns red. As each item is scanned the quantity is recorded. Once all items are scanned the operator touches the green checkmark and proceeds to the next location.

Learn how to bring your warehouse into the future:

About WarehouseOS

WarehouseOS, a new tablet-based Warehouse Operations System brings warehouses into the future today. Warehouse management systems have been around for a long time with too many companies still using the RF gun to conduct inventory management, scan in new items, and pick orders. The RF gun solutions typically cost double what modern solutions offer. WarehouseOS and associated apps have been developed to make everything about the warehouse easier and better. Apps allow small or large companies to receive products, manage inventory, perform cycle counting, conduct single picks or do batch picking, verify items picked and pack them into boxes.

A team of experts in material handling equipment and solutions developed WarehouseOS to maximize the throughput of warehousing and distributing facilities. From small eCommerce, to high volume SKU facilities, from omni-channel companies to FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), WarehouseOS is equipped to handle everything. From small startups with simple to complex needs, large distribution centers, WarehouseOS is the tablet solution which enables manufacturers and distribution centers to be a step ahead of the competition. Follow WarehouseOS on Twitter @WarehouseOS.

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