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Dutch Dreamhorses, Inc.
Dutchdream Horses
(831) 726 7012
148 B. Dunbarton Road Aromas, CA 95004

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Well Equipped Equine Rehab
An equine rehab is a great place to have your horse train. They usually have the latest technology equipment that really helps the horses improve their strength and energy as well as train., 4/29/2015 - Dutch Dreamhorses is an equine rehab that is fully equipped with the latest technology equipment. They are proud to state the successful use of the Belebro European style horse exerciser, which is mainly used as a Horse Walker. The vita floor vibration platform is one of the best for equine rehabilitation from injury or sickness. It is also very effective in preventing colic for horses on restricted movement. The Vita floor vibrating platform also greatly helps to improve the blood circulation of the equines. With an improved blood circulation it helps in healing internal injuries and preventing further injuries. The whole body vibration is a great way to massage the horses. This also helps to get them energised and make them suppler and more flexible in their movement.

Dutch Dreamhorses is a private horse rehabilitation centre and offers you the best services you can get anywhere. Some of our key features and why you should come to us:

• We are located in a place with wonderful climate for any kind of equestrian activity

• We are proud to present a professionally designed equestrian facility

• We offer well-ventilated and spacious stalls with a 6000 sq feet Castlebrook barn.

• We have an all-weather outdoor dressage arena that is lined with mirrors

• We offer the horses 65ft longing pen

• Our facility includes several pastures and turn outs for the horses

• We use the latest high tech equipment for the equine

We have an excellent boarding facility for horses that are in full training with us. We take very good care of the horses that are lodge with us full time. The equine are fed three times a day and they are served high quality hay and grain. We make sure that our grounds are maintained well by our live-in staff and are designed to be used all year round.

Contact details

Dutch Dreamhorses, Inc.

148 B. Dunbarton Road

Aromas, CA 95004

Phone: (831) 726 7012

About Dutch Dreamhorses

Dutch Dreamhorses Inc. was initiated at the start of 2008 by Nicky Oostveen. Their original business was importing and sale of horses in the US. Imports were of European dressage horses, mainly comprising of the Dutch horses. Initially they operated out of Salt Lake City, Utah. By mid-2008 they moved to the central coast of California, to a brand new equestrian facility. Nicky is British and has had a passion for horse from a young age.

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