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Chelsea Hackett

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What are the contact angle and the related contact angle measurement equipment?
Top grade manufacturer for contact angle measurement equipment:, 9/15/2013 - USA - What is the contact angle? This is the commonly problem for most of people today. The engineer from the most [url][/url] famous supplier for contact angle goniometer has explained that the so-called contact angle refer to that people could drop a droplet on a solid surface which is horizontal and the two tangents from gas-liquid interface and the solid-liquid interface could form a new angle. This new angle has been called the famous contact angle. In order to measure this kind of angle, the contact angle measurement instrument has been produced.

However, the contact angle measuring instrument is mainly used for the measuring for the contact angle of liquid to solid which is also refer to the the liquid wettability to the solid. This kind of contact angle measurement equipment can be sued for measuring a variety of liquid contact angle of various materials. The industries research and production for petroleum, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, paint, mineral processing and other industries should require the assistance of this kind of instrument. In that kind of situation, people should know about that this kind of contact angle measurement instrument would have a widely function to people¡¯s daily life.

When the droplet is free stay at the space which could not be affected the force field, the droplet would be cylindrical ball [url=]surface tension[/url] due to the presence of the interfacial tension. However, when the droplet has been contacted with the solid surface, the shape of the drop could be depended on the cohesion and adhesion between the droplet and the solid surface. When people put a droplet on a solid flat surface, the droplet can automatically start to spread on the solid surface or a droplet which could have related contact angle with the surface of the solid.

However, from the above describing people should have a fully understanding about the contact angel between the [url=]contact angle measurement[/url] liquid and solid surface. On the other hand, they could also know more about the importance of the contact angle measurement instrument which would have great function in the industrial areas such as researching and producing for petroleum, printing, dyeing, pharmaceutical and others. This kind of measuring equipment has needed the great precision and measuring ability. In that kind of situation, people should first choose the high quality equipment for contact angle measurement. The high reputation manufacturer for contact angle measurement equipment which website is is the golden supplier for surface tensiometer, interfacial tensiometry and contact angle measurement instrument. If people want to have one set of high quality device for measurement, this place would be the best choice for them.

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