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What are the uses of diode laser hair removal machine and how does it works?
Diode laser hair removal machines are one amongst the famous laser hair removal machines., 5/15/2014 - Undoubtedly, laser hair removal has evolved as the world’s second largest cosmetic procedure performed most intermittently. This famous cosmetic treatment makes use of diode laser hair removal machine and has become one of the most productive business for many. Whether it is dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons, diode laser hair removal apparatus manufacturers or wholesalers, the laser hair removal treatment serves as a bread-and-butter for all.

What exactly diode laser hair removal machine does?

Laser hair treatment makes use of hair removal machines which with an extremely high intensity light dismantles the hair-growing ability of hair follicles. As a result of increase in demand for diode laser hair removal treatment, more and more laser machines are being introduced in the market but every machine before made available to folks is approved by FDA.

Who launched first laser hair removal machine?

Thermolase Corporation was the first company to launch hair removal machine in the market soon after it received FDA approval in the year 1995. But soon first Soft Light Hair Removal System proved ineffective as source reported that the machine was placed in the market without passing appropriate testing.

This laser hair removal machine promoted itself as offering permanent painless hair laser hair removal but sooner turned into a class action suit because of the failure to fulfill its claim. However the suit was settled out of court, the company gave up the manufacturing of laser hair removal machines.

How do next generation diode hair removal machines?

Alexandrite laser is one of the laser hair removal machines used currently that makes use of a long stroke of laser light which targets the sub-dermal skin holding the hair follicles. The heat developed out of the laser beam destroys the hair follicles which earlier showed rapid hair growth and hence the hairs end developing.

Crafted out of small diodes set in an arrangement to produce light, diode laser hair removal machines are one amongst the famous laser hair removal machines. Diode laser hair removal suggests that it generates a longer wavelength of laser light which is highly instrumental in curing dark-complexioned folks for hair removal.

Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser is also preferred by few dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons as it can produce two light waves of differing lengths. While to treat the deep hair follicles it makes use of strongly penetrating infrared light, the green light is used to damage the hair follicle near the skin’s surface.

Other kinds of laser hair removal treatments available today also include LuxuryPro laser machines and Ruby lasers.

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