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What you need to know before booking a wedding videographer
If you're planning on hiring a videographer for your wedding, here are some essential things you need to figure out before making that call., 7/15/2020 - [FURL=]Wedding videography[/FURL] is a beautiful way to capture the moment between you and your partner on the most special day of your lives. Unlike the photography you know you will treasure, videography also captures the sound and motion of your day.

If you're planning on hiring a videographer for your wedding, here are some essential things you need to figure out before making that call.

Documentary style or cinematic style?

There are two major types of videography. One of them is a cinematic style, where your wedding will play back for you as if you were in a film. The other is a documentary style which records the facts of the wedding.

A good videographer will likely have elements of both, but it might be worth it to look at examples online to see which one you prefer before your special day.

Professionalism over price

As wonderful and memorable as your wedding day is, it is also full of tension. The last thing you need is an insensitive cameraman barging in on delicate moments, being late, or not showing up at all. While price is always going to be an important factor for most people, make professionalism your number one consideration when searching for a videographer.

You can measure a videographer's level of professionalism by checking out their reviews and following up on references. When you call a reference, ask them if the videographer was on time, and if they were polite and professional. If they were, you can rest assured the person you chose will be there for you during your wedding.

One camera or two

One camera can capture all the important moments, but they can't be everywhere at once. If a single camera is focused on the big kiss, there won't be another camera available to capture the tears in your grandmother's eyes as she watches that big moment.

On the other hand if there is a full team of videographers and photographers running around, you might feel it overwhelms a small wedding. You'll have to decide on your own what direction you want to go in, as it is entirely up to you.

Teams or Solo Effort

One other thing you'll need to consider is whether you want a videographer from a photography team, or whether you want to hire them separately. There are benefits to both. It may be easier to source a videographer who does the style you want separate from a team, but a team often works better together.

You don't want the videographer and the photographer to compete with each other during key moments, when they should be focused on your wedding. A team is more likely to work together to take these important shots.

Hiring a wedding videographer requires some planning, but in the end it is worth it. You'll be able to show your children and grandchildren the special moment you were married, and share with them a little bit of the joy you had that day.

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