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Why do famous brands use 3D graphics in their marketing campaigns?
Industries have sought after photographers for their graphic content. If a business looking to market their brand needed to put together images for a magazine or their website, they had no choice but to hire someone to do a professional photo shoot., 7/11/2018 - Old-style photography will definitely always have a place in business, however, businesses, such as the purse, handbag, luggage industries who need visual content also have an alternative answer: 3D Visualization.

The term 3D visualization is used in sync with 3D Rendering, 3D graphics, Computer Generated Imagery, and other terms. What all of these terms essentially refer to is the method by which graphical images are created using 3D software. At this stage in the game, 3D Visualization has become mainstream in selling purses, bags, and other related products. And, it has grown into one of the most worthwhile choices for creating high-quality digital content.

Take, for instance, the Swedish furniture giant, IKEA. The IKEA catalogues are filled with hundreds of beautiful photos of their products. So, is each and every photo carefully staged and shot? Actually, you’d be surprised to learn that the answer is no. Over the last decade or so, IKEA has been replacing photos with strikingly lifelike computer images. Why? Why not. It’s so much less expensive in the long run, because the thousands of 3D models they have of their products can be used and re-used at any time, in any situation, and in any lighting and position.

The same can be applied to other brands...For example, take a look at the Celine Bag ( illustration created by Tsymbals Design.

A company who sells purses, handbags, luggage, etc. benefits greatly from this service due to 3D configurators which are extremely popular among handbag industry suppliers. In fact, 3D handbag configurators are now used on the majority of handbag selling websites. These configurators have proved to be very effective for sales because they help potential buyers to immediately choose their preferred color and material as they are able to click on the different interactive choices available.

A 3D 360-degree panorama is a virtual representation of every angle of your purse and is second to none in selling a beautiful piece of luggage, etc. The idea is useful to showcase every facet of the piece and works wonders for advertising.

3D graphics are indispensable for startups or new products, and companies can start to collect preorders even before real production. In addition, they will easily show the functionality of high tech products (clever luggage with tracking, purses with modern gadgets, etc.) Here is another good example of Cutting Edge Backpack ( by Tsymbals Design

Advantage for the brand - you don't need to move the photography team to the desert and shoot a snake, as it can all be done in 3D.

These advancements have made it possible for 3D artists to generate photorealistic representations that match the excellence of ordinary photography minus the bother of establishing complex and costly photo shoots. Even better, 3D Visualization gives the artist complete control over each and every facet of the image, including reflections and the surface of a material. This advanced technology creates 3D Images that sometimes are impossible to produce or too expensive to produce with photography.

3D Visualization Services are the perfect solution for your brand. If given a regular photography image and a 3D Image, the consumer will choose the product being represented in 3D every time.

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