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Chelsea Hackett

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Work-From-Home Blogger has Small Business Ideas for Women
As a mother have you ever wanted to work from home so you could take care of your family? Well now is as good a time as any to start earning from home with your own small business., 5/13/2013 - The days of a stay-at-home mother seem to have gone extinct, but there are many good [url=]small business ideas for women[/url] who want the best of both worlds.

“There is no reason a woman cannot have a career and be a full-time at home mother either,” said Sandy McQueen of

One of the newest job opportunities is the virtual assistant.  Basically an online secretary, a virtual assistant does the work of a standard assistant, just online.

Blogging is another excellent suggestion.  Finding the correct niche, however, can be a challenge.

“I run a blog and it can be difficult to find topics and niches.  Once you find yours, you will see success,” said McQueen.

Of course one of the best ideas of all is starting an online business or store.

“Online collections, electronics reselling or clothing design are all possible suggestions for women who want to be at home but still earn a check,” said McQueen, “and with Amazon and eBay offering store fronts, there is no reason why you cannot try it.”

Like all businesses, McQueen admonishes women to be aware of some universal truths.

“Plan on working hard, long hours and little pay initially.  Until your business starts to take off, you will have lean days, weeks and possibly months.  Stick to it for real success,” said McQueen.

If you are interested in learning more about [url=]small business ideas for women[/url] or some of Sandy’s other suggestions and solutions for working from home, visit her website at [url=][/url]

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