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Yeast Extract Market Growth, Demand and Key Players to 2026 by Fact.MR
Fact.MR has announced the addition of the “ Yeast Extract Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Market Insights 2018 to 2026"report to their offering., 3/15/2019 - Market outlook

The demand for flavoring agents has been increasing among the consumers over the past years as it completes even the simple food into delicious and healthy succulent. Yeast extract is one such flavoring agent which has vital applications as a delicious condiment and texturing agent in household and industries. Yeast extract is the processed form of fresh yeast. Along with flavoring and texturing, yeast extract adds exotic aroma to the various foods including savories, soups, meat products, and beverages. Due to this, yeast extract finds its application in food and food processing industries all over the world.  The yeast extract has an important role in bakeries and confectionaries as leaving agent. In beverage processing, the yeast extract is used for fermenting the raw beverage with glucose to provide the required alcohol.  Apart from the beverage, yeast extract is also used as dietary supplements due to the presence of nutrients such as chromium, protein, selenium, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, etc. Along with the essential probiotics, yeast extract also contains vitamin B-complex (B1-B7) which is essential for cellular metabolism and energy production within the human body. Due to the presence of a higher concentration of probiotics, the yeast extract is used for treating respiratory infections, common cold, diarrhea, high cholesterol rates, and premenstrual syndrome. By supplementing the adequate amount of proteins and other micronutrients. Yeast extract is taken orally as a medicine for controlling blood glucose level in diabetic patients due to the presence of chromium. As chromium promotes insulin, which controls the glucose level in blood. Bound to these beneficial factors, it is anticipated that the yeast extract will remain positive in the global beverage market.

Yeast Extract- An Indispensable Ingredient

The yeast extract is not only used in beverage processing industries and in dietary supplements, it is also used as a vital ingredient in animal feeds. Due to high anti-oxidant nutrients and vitamin B-complex, yeast extract used to enhance the healthy functioning of liver, skin, eyes of the dogs and horses. The higher concentration of vitamin B, reduces the anxiety in dogs thus, fed as anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs. The inclusion of yeast extract is most common in all breweries, bakeries and other food processing segments which contribute to its demand all over the world. The expansion of food industries, social outlets, hotels and restaurants in the recent years has been the major driving factors for the growth of yeast extract market. Due to its multi-utility as an effective and vital ingredient, it can be anticipated that the global yeast extract has a positive growth rate in the forecast period.

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