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Peter Porteous
225 Bush Street, 16th Floor
San Francisco, CA

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Blue Line Innovations
created on: 12/20/2010
About Blue Line Innovations

Blue Line Innovations Inc. developed and markets the PowerCost Monitor™, a line of wireless, portable, real-time energy reporting devices for the home. Blue Line Innovations has been active in the business of real time energy feedback for 6 years with over 130,000 PowerCost Monitors™ in the market since 2004. Easy to install, the PowerCost Monitor™, communicates wirelessly to the meter and now through a WiFi Gateway to the internet and Microsoft Hohm® and Google PowerMeter™. Independent research has confirmed that homes using the PowerCost Monitor™ can save up to 18% on their monthly electricity bill. For more information and the retailer in your area see,

Latest Briefings:

Energy Monitoring Company Sets Up New Office in Ottawa 348 views
8/27/2013, Blue Line Innovations, a company born and bred in St. John’s NL, has opened a new office in Ottawa, Ontario. read more
Alberta Study concludes 9% energy savings and up to 16.7% for some 398 views
7/27/2012, Study concludes – homes using the PowerCost Monitor™ reduced electricity consumption by 9% overall and up to 16.7% for those with electric hot water heaters. read more
PowerWatch & Blue Line Innovations Announce Strategic Partnership Consumers & Environment Benefit 734 views
7/20/2012, Two leaders in Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) and real-time energy monitoring - PowerWatch and Blue Line Innovations - today announced a product and technical integration agreement. read more
Blue Line Innovations to Integrate Real Time Energy Data with Lowe’s smart home solution Iris™ 712 views
1/09/2012, Lowe's, the world’s second-largest home improvement retailer, announced it is entering the emerging smart home market, with an affordable, complete system: Iris™. read more
SimpleHomeNet/Smartenit & Blue Line Deliver 1st ZigBee/INSTEON Universal Energy Monitoring Interface 376 views
12/19/2011, Smartenit and Blue Line Innovations announce immediate availability of a missing piece of the energy management puzzle, the means of getting real time energy information from any electric meter into a home controls network. read more
Blue Line Innovations and Eragy Announce Strategic Partnership for Home Energy Management 378 views
11/01/2011, Blue Line Innovations, the makers of the PowerCost Monitor™, and Eragy, a leading provider of energy management software applications and services, today announced a strategic partnership for delivering home energy management solutions. read more
LOWES adds the PowerCost Monitor™ to South Carolina Stores 411 views
8/12/2011, Blue Line Innovations announces 9 additional Lowes Stores now carrying the PowerCost Monitor read more
Blue Line Innovations takes a big step forward in consumer engagement 378 views
7/12/2011, • Blue Line Innovations announces new application partnership, People Power 1.0 read more
Lowes Adds to Energy Centre with PowerCost Monitor™ and WiFi Gateway 409 views
4/18/2011, Lowes broadened its range of energy conservation products today by adding to its energy center line-up the proven PowerCost Monitor™ and its WiFi Gateway plug and play accessory. read more
Blue Line and Google PowerMeter™ partner to add more choice to real time electricity monitoring. 96 views
12/20/2010, Google PowerMeter™ broadened its device partners today by adding connectivity to the PowerCost Monitor™ by Blue Line Innovations. read more

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