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Blue Line Innovations
Peter Porteous

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Alberta Study concludes 9% energy savings and up to 16.7% for some
Study concludes – homes using the PowerCost Monitor™ reduced electricity consumption by 9% overall and up to 16.7% for those with electric hot water heaters., 7/27/2012 - Alberta Innovates Technology Futures in conjunction with ENMAX and EPCOR executed an 18 month real time electricity monitoring study in 2010 – 2011 in Calgary and Edmonton.

The 3 year electricity consumption data for all participants was normalized based on weather & survey data using a statistical algorithm. The analysis of the data has provided the following conclusions:

• An overall reduction of about 9% in electricity consumption was observed for the participants when their electricity consumption during the study period was compared with their electricity consumption during the 2-years prior to the study. This reduction is statistically significant at a 99% confidence level.

• Based on 2010 population statistics of RRO eligible households, the projected savings attributable to using real-time instantaneous feedback for Calgary & Edmonton would be 450,049 MWh, or the equivalent of output of a 51 MW power plant operating continuously for a year. This would be equivalent to a 9.7% reduction.

• Households using air conditioning during summer showed lower % reduction in electricity consumption in summer as compared with that of the other participants whereas households using electric water heating & electric heating showed an overall higher % reduction in their electricity consumption, at 17% and 14% respectively.

The study has further concluded that: (1) the electricity consumers valued real-time information about their electricity consumption; (2) they used that information in making informed choices for energy savings; and (3) a household consuming about 7,000 kWh electricity per year (average for the study participants) would save about 675 kWh during the same period.

A full copy of the 100pg research report is available -

Dr. Dean Mountain, Mountain Economic Consulting and Associates, Inc. who completed the study states, “based on the results of the Alberta Real-Time Electricity Consumption Monitoring Study, the projected overall reduction of electricity for Calgary & Edmonton, attributable to using the real time monitor, is 9.7%. Nearly 80% of the pilot participants indicated that the real-time monitor was easy to use & over 70% of the participants felt that using the real-time monitor heightened their awareness & actions toward energy use & implementation of conservation measures. In fact, the number of individuals in the household that changed their conservation habits, increased by 50% by the end of the study.”

“We are delighted by the results” commented Peter Porteous, CEO Blue Line Innovations. “We have worked with over 125 utilities & have been included in countless research studies; the results are consistent & meaningful. The conclusion is straight forward – putting better information in the hands of home owners WILL make a tangible difference in their electricity consumption – the closer to real time the stronger the results. There is a terrific research report & visual from ACEEE that sums up millions of dollars in research

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