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Ravi Hansda
101, 4660, NE Belknap Court

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created on: 11/01/2016
Edupliance® is a global online information provider which offers webinars (Live and On-Demand), DVD’s and downloadable resources that cover concurrent topics pertaining to HR, Payroll, Compliance, Technology, Construction and Design.

With an expert panel of guest speakers, Edupliance® brings state-of-the-art virtual technology solutions and industry-leading training sessions that are easy to learn, easily accessible and cater to people with varied interests. Edupliance® is privately held and headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon.

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Latest Briefings:

Edupliance To Discuss Form 941 Update for 2017 in New Webinar 162 views
3/24/2017, Expert Dayna Reum covers the IRS Form 941 and its accompanying Form Schedule B for 2017 in this webinar. read more
New Webinar by Edupliance Tackles Multi-State Payroll Taxation for 2017 155 views
3/21/2017, Learn the right measures in complying with various payroll laws and determine tax guidelines for employees who live and work in different states read more
Edupliance Webinar to Cover Employer Obligations Towards Employee Mental Health 201 views
3/14/2017, Learn the interactive process applied by employers to manage employees having psychiatric illnesses. read more
Edupliance Tackles Travel Pay 2017 in New Webinar 195 views
3/02/2017, Learning the rules and regulations that must be followed while paying an employee's travel pay is now easy! read more
Edupliance Tackles the New EEOC Focus on Harassment Claims and Handling Harassment Charges 293 views
2/08/2017, Understand employer compliance based on the new EEOC focus on harassment. read more
Edupliance To Discuss Impact Of FDA Regulation of GMO Labeling 252 views
1/27/2017, Find out the status of GMO’s in the USA and FDA’s position on GMO’s and GMO labeling. read more
Edupliance To Discuss Impact Of Overtime Updates On Employers in Live Webinar on Nov 10, 2016. 218 views
11/01/2016, Edupliance discusses the impact of the recent FLSA rulings and DOL’s Overtime Update on various businesses in this webinar conducted by Susan Fahey Desmond. read more

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