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The Hollis Media Group
created on: 2/05/2016
A leading provider of media and publishing solutions. We are the gateway to international markets for independent authors and an effective portal for businesses to market their brand.

Latest Briefings:
NEW ERA IN TALK RADIO "The Wrap Up" Debuts on WWDB 860 with Melvin "Prince" Johnakin Scores Weekday 219 views
4/27/2024, Certainly this new show is forging a powerful vibe and new era in talk radio... "Prince" his pet calling card, promises the programming will be as captivating as a host as he has produced major ratings for others as a guest... "Philly, get ready" read more
*A New Era in Talk Radio: "The Wrap Up" Debuts on WWDB 860 AM With Melvin "Prince" Johnakin 235 views
4/23/2024, "The Wrap Up" promises to be a captivating journey through the week's most pressing issues, delivered with Johnakin's signature blend of wit, wisdom, and unwavering dedication to truth. read more
Black Female Entrepreneurs Riding The Gop 2024 182 views
4/03/2024, "Empowering Generations: Black Female Entrepreneurs Rallying Behind GOP 2024 for Economic Prosperity and Legacy Building." read more
America’s Crisis: The Invasion, Lawlessness and Economic Disruption Is US Gov't Supported 199 views
3/24/2024, Hollis, a noted Media executive points to a few key elements that party politics won't change read more
Demand Investigation Into Illegal Daycare Centers 241 views
10/18/2023, Too many daycare centers are now mere fronts for drug mules and other criminal activity. Too many children are dying as a result of greedy unconscious business owners, so stand with BacPac in leading the charge for national investigations... read more
Genocide Act Bill Hr 4321 Is Nuremberg 2.0 For American Designed By Congressman Brian “lone-nazi 245 views
7/24/2023, Breaking News: Denounced as "Genocide Bill" by BACPAC (Black American Constitutional Political Action Committee) a fledgling national coalition of Black American scholars, human rights activists, and grassroots leaders call on House Majority Leade... read more
Black Activist Temporarily Erased In The Penal System 234 views
6/08/2023, The American Unjust Justice System continues to explore ways to punish inmates with inhumane treatment... read more
82-Year-Old Black Woman in District Heights, MD Ripped Off by Electric Company PEPCO 256 views
6/01/2023, "It is disheartening to witness my mother, a pillar of this community, being taken advantage of in such a blatant manner," said Rev. Leland Core. "We have exhausted all avenues for resolution." read more
The Power Of A Mom, And Retired Nurse Nazarie Anderson Against Social Injustice 269 views
4/11/2023, This is a deliberate injustice to not only keep him without due process, but to destroy his mind,” several of his ardent supporters read more
Black and White Network announces "The Delta Trilogy." 314 views
8/06/2021, Black and White radio and TV show America's fastest-growing talk show, now with an audience of over 4 million per month, is making waves by talking with experts about the issues of the day. read more

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