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Genocide Act Bill Hr 4321 Is Nuremberg 2.0 For American Designed By Congressman Brian “lone-nazi
Breaking News: Denounced as "Genocide Bill" by BACPAC (Black American Constitutional Political Action Committee) a fledgling national coalition of Black American scholars, human rights activists, and grassroots leaders call on House Majority Leade..., 7/24/2023 - BACPAC is demanding an immediate retraction and tabling of HR 4321 because it is a divisive 21st-century American version of the Nuremberg Laws of Nazi Germany. BACPAC asserts that HR 4321 is a "Black Genocide Bill" was conceived and crafted by the fascistic-right-wing-think-tank ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council) in order to destroy all and any future lineage-based reparative justice efforts in American states, cities, and counties. If HR 4321 became law, it would collectively punish Black Americans and financially incentivize racial hatred, racial marginalization, and economic destruction, increase health and educational disparities, and incite racial unrest by legalizing discrimination via the denial of federal monies.

BACPAC denounces the Bill as Unconstitutional in spirit and letter of the law, an assault on all legislative efforts to rid the nation of the sins of Black American enslavement, and if enacted would have an implosive impact on the whole Society akin to the bombing of Fort Sumter (1861) and the Reichstag Fire (1933). BACPAC points out that the main sponsor of HR 4321 Congressman Brian “Lone-Nazi'' Babin (R-TX 36) is a right-wing bigot with a questionable campaign finance portfolio and a cloud of Islamophobic, homophobic, Arabophobia, and mean-spirited rhetoric making him a dystopian casting call nightmare for Black Americans, in particular, and Americans, in general, who fear the erosion of their rights.

Finally, BACPAC has no confidence that elected officials like Babin, who are directly descended from chattel slave-owning families, from families connected to the Ku Klux Klan, United Daughters of the Confederacy, White Citizens Council, or related Lost Cause organizations, exercised deceit handling campaign funds, and or have been subject to questionable treatment of others under the color of law can govern fairly or make sound public policy for people for which they have existential hatred. Brian Babin embodies the authoritarian and paranoid style of the Dixiecrats of the last century. BACPAC will not abide HR 4321 and will rally Black Americans and freedom and justice-loving Americans to resist the low road that leads to the swamp of national destruction that Babin and his ilk think will restore an all-white past glories that are the fables of bigots.

BAC PAC (a nonpartisan entity) is determined to punish Babin (R. TX-36) and his bigoted cabal of "good ole boy MARAs" and their token ex-NFL no-so-great Burgess "Negro Jim" Owens (R. UT-4)--another Hershel Walker Black with no base or credibility and possibly of foreign lineage making reparative justice inconsequential to him the pain suffered by Black Americans. BAC PAC believes the timing of the HR 4321 is an act of internal sabotage to discourage Blacks from breaking free from the influence of the Democratic Party, and cynical Democrats will support HR 4321 as a means to keep an increasingly estranged Black electorate voting for the Democrat party candidates. Babin's cabal is either deliberately or unwittingly undermining the integrity of the upcoming presidential election by depriving Trump of Black votes in swing states.

“HR 4321 is an existentially wholly Unconstitutional Bill that violates international human rights and the Constitutional Rights of Foundational Black Americans, and this bill is structurally and institutionally aimed at economically robbing Black progress, and, thereby, exterminating Black Americans under the color of law.

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