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2020 Looks Eerily Similar to 1972
President Donald Trump is in the fight of his political life entering the election of 2020. His situation is very similar to Richard Nixon's entering the 1972 campaign. US Daily Review Senior Contributor, Dave Smith, provides interesting insight., 3/16/2019 - From "Back to the Future?" by Dave Smith, Senior Contributor at US Daily Review:

“Someone once told me, ‘Time is a flat circle.’ Everything we’ve ever done or will do, we’re gonna do over and over and over again.” – Rust Cohle, in True Detective

With a Presidential election only one year away, an embattled, controversial Republican President with a contentious relationship with the press gears up for the campaign while trying to extricate the American military from war in Asia – war he had promised to end during his winning campaign. While no serious primary opposition in his own party is expected (although an Ohio politician is making waves), a long list of Democratic candidates is lining up to challenge the President: multiple Senators, a former Vice President and Senator, a Congresswoman from Hawaii, the Mayor of New York City, and even the previous nominee are either declared already or considering the race. Perhaps the candidate with most star power and charisma, a scion of a wealthy family, is the subject of much speculation – will he run, or won’t he?

The issues will seem well defined – the economy, as always, will be front and center, and while there has been growth, there’s also been an increase in the budget deficit. An electorate weary of war is ready to bring troops home and end the war, although the US-supported government is corrupt and seems ready to fall if the American military were to leave. Conflict between Israel and its neighbors is having a negative impact on Middle East stability. Partisan rhetoric is rancorous and the division between the left and the right seems unbridgeable.

Such is the state of the Union in 2019, right?

Except that description is not of the scene in 2019, it’s a description of the state of America in 1971. The upcoming election being described isn’t the 2020 election, but rather the 1972 election. The parallels are legion.


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