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50 Shades Of The Best Shoelaces For Sneakers From U-Laces
It’s no wonder that most of the 180+ million pairs of sneakers sold each year are shipped with basic white shoelaces. They are crisp, clean, non-assuming, and ultimately neutral., 2/15/2019 - Based in Rochester, New York, U-Lace is a pioneer in manufacturing modular no-tie no bunny-ears shoe laces. It offers the largest collection of authentically woven polyester & Lycra laces in more than fifty assorted colors. U-Laces are made using a special ‘additive laced-feelTM technology that yields a snug and comfortable fit. These are the best shoelaces for sneakersp. They are a popular choice amongst consumers seeking to convert sneakers into easy-on / easy-off slip-ons. Furthermore, heat-treated domed tips and patented angled aglets facilitate easy installation with a simple push-pull action.

In contrast to other no-tie shoelace brands and manufacturers, U-Lace continuously looks to reinvent its product. Their design ensures that consumers save time that they would have otherwise spent tying and re-tying the laces. The distinct concept and ideology is also reflected in their product slogan of ‘lace once and never tie again.’ Since 2008, the company has been winning hearts with its ultra sleek, modern and clean look. The high-strength polyester used to make the product makes the product strong and resilient. While the custom extruded Lycra fibers in the product provides the elasticity and rebound needed to hold the sneakers snugly on the wearers feet.

“For most, - 97% - of U-Lace consumers, once they lace up with the product, there’s no turning back,” said the Lead Product Engineer at U-Lace. “Our products have reinvented the way people of all ages and all walks of life lace-up their sneakers, winter boots, work boots, and casual rubber bottom shoes.

The company not only makes the world-famous U-Laces as featured on Shark Tank, but they also make a growing line of sneaker accessories such as; U-Locks Words, U-Locks Mono’s, Lace Buddies sneaker lace charms and accessories and a limited-edition line of multi-colored basketball nets: The U-Net.”

U-Laces are available in so many shades that you can color coordinate them to achieve any desired look. Shop for blue shoe laces and see all the colors in the line at the same time. Whether you’re looking for light blue, dark navy, sky blue, turquoise, teal, royal blue, bright blue, sea foam blue, or icy blue, we’ve got you covered. The vast number of blues in the U-Lace product line up signifies the universal appeal of the color and the company’s dedication to provide its customers the perfect match for their fashion choice.

The sneaker customizing shoelaces are available in two sizes; U-Lace Kiddos and U-Lace Classics. The U-Lace Kiddos are for kids, teenagers, tweens and adults with smaller feet. The U-Lace Classics are designed for adults. U-Laces come in various packs of six laces. You have the option to lace up in a single-color or mix colors from multiple packs of U-Laces based on your personal style.

About U-Lace

Founded in 2008 by global trend-spotter Tim Talley, U-Lace makes the original no-tie, modular shoelaces you saw on Shark Tank. In addition to this, it offers the a largest range of sneaker customizing accessories. Its unique simplistic and minimalist design means the U-Laces allow for a universal sized product for ease of use and customization.

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