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U Lace
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created on: 1/30/2019
Established in 2008 in Rochester, New York, U-Lace has flourished under the able leadership of CEO Tim Talley.

Latest Briefings:
50 Shades Of The Best Shoelaces For Sneakers From U-Laces 52 views
2/15/2019, It’s no wonder that most of the 180+ million pairs of sneakers sold each year are shipped with basic white shoelaces. They are crisp, clean, non-assuming, and ultimately neutral. read more
Retrofit Your Sneakers – New And Already Broken-In Ones - With U-Lace Custom No-Tie Laces 53 views
2/14/2019, The company owned by Tim Talley makes sneaker accessories including Classic & Kiddos no-tie laces, multi-color basketball nets and Lace Buddies; letter, icon, and emoji lace-lock charms for personalizing sneakers laced with U-Lace. read more
U-Lace Promises a Lasting Trend With Their Classic Black & White No-Tie Laces 55 views
2/13/2019, U-Lace has introduced a classic collection of black and white no-tie modular laces. read more
Flaunt an Enigmatic Look with the Newly Launched U-Lace Dark Grey Shoelaces 47 views
2/11/2019, After a remarkable feature on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank in March 2014, U-Lace became a part of millions of sneaker closets across the globe. read more
U-Lace Launches its Platinum Collection of Multi-Woven Laces 60 views
2/04/2019, Sneakers have now become a staple for both, the fashionistas and the comfort seekers. Their transition from sporty athletic shoes to mainstream footwear has led to their entrance in almost every shoe closet in America. read more
U-Lace Introduces Neutral Colored Laces for The Flawless Seasoned Look 69 views
1/30/2019, U-Lace has always been at the forefront of fashion, style and comfort. read more
U-Lace Bestsellers Are A Must-Have In Every Shoe Closet 75 views
1/30/2019, Established in 2008 in Rochester, New York, U-Lace has flourished under the able leadership of CEO Tim Talley. read more

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