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Best Inc.
3603 Edison Place
Rolling Meadows, IL

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BEST Inc. Produces Circuit Board Epoxy Repair Kits for Individuals in Illinois
BEST Inc. is a highly-rated solder training firm and at the top in IPC training techniques and understanding ., 4/13/2022 - Rolling Meadows, IL – 6 April 6, 2022- As a solder training company, Business Electronic Soldering Technologies (BEST) Inc. provides an extensive range of IPC certification programs. By providing high-end IPC materials and solder training kits, they assist student technicians with developing skills that set them apart in the electronics industry. The company has hand soldering and training centers across different locations, including Chicago, Cleveland, Winston-Salem, Minneapolis, Chattanooga, and Detroit. Technicians who are registered for their IPC training and certification program are also free to select the mode of attendance they prefer, which could be online, in-person, and through their Mobile Training Center (MTC).

BEST Inc.'s spokesperson said, "With a crew of well-trained trainers who spend their time working on IPC specifications in training, BEST Inc. can provide student technicians with the best methods to produce lasting results. Therefore, individuals looking for a solder training program in Georgia can contact BEST Inc."

The BEST  circuit board epoxy repair kit  can be used to repair lifted pads and traces and build up and repair edge corner damage to PCBs. BEST epoxy repair kits are made by artisans who have been making circuit boards for years. Therefore, this general epoxy repair kit has included the right equipment.

About a question from a client on their services, the spokesperson of Best Inc. said, "We can proudly say that thousands of professionals have been taught by us in the last ten years. The quality of our training ensures that people would demonstrate to their current and potential clients that their company prioritizes various quality control ideas".

BEST Inc. is a highly-rated solder training firm and at the top in IPC training techniques and understanding . One of the most sought after courses is the IPC- J-STD 001H which gives the technicians and trainers the spec knowledge to go along with hand soldering and electronics assembly skills.” Also, it's an upgrade to the previous version, which is the IPC-J-STD 001, and the alterations that were put but are not limited to: the provision of a new lot for a wrapped terminal, presence of section D, offering guidance on the use of x-ray for plated through-hole acceptance, and section 8 used for determining the cleanliness of a PCBA. Those who need to get the J-STD 001H training kit can visit BEST Inc.'s website.

About BEST Inc.

Suppose you have solder contaminated contact or contacts that don't meet the minimum thickness specification or damaged gold edge contacts. In that case, the  gold contact plating kit  is the PCB repair kit. The kit has all of the materials you will need to repair damaged gold contacts DC power supply and all the materials necessary for gold contact plating. The BEST gold contact plating kit contains everything needed for fine select pen plating and brushes plating 24K gold onto electronic contact surfaces.

The gold solution included will, after repair, produce cobalt hardened, 24K, Type 1&2, grade C gold deposit. We use this gold for electronic and technical applications where durability, conductivity, and solderability are important. We will give you all of the tools, including "how-to" instructional videos so that you can repair your gold fingers. Our professional master instructors can teach the repair

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