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Best Inc.
3603 Edison Place
Rolling Meadows, IL

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BEST Inc. Tackles Repairs and Replating Services in Illinois
BEST Inc., also known as Business Electronic Soldering Technologies, is a soldering training company that specializes in teaching instructors and technicians., 5/05/2022 - BEST Inc., also known as Business Electronic Soldering Technologies, is a soldering training company that specializes in teaching instructors and technicians from various companies how to complete various IPC certification programs. PCB rework, hand soldering, wire, and harness assembly are just a few of their courses. They have training centers in the Midwest and South and the distinction of being the only training center on wheels. As a result, they can check their clients' sites and train them with all necessary training equipment using their mobile training platform.

In response to a question, a BEST Inc. spokeswoman stated, "BEST Inc. is dedicated to providing cutting-edge rework/repair equipment. Our repair and modification of PCBs and electronic assemblies are carried out and made following IPC-7711/7721 guidelines. Only strict process control equipment is used, and our operators and quality control professionals thoroughly verify each solder junction. In addition, each of our circuit boards is thoroughly examined as per IPC-A-610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies ".

The IPC-A-620 Training and Certification program offers teachers high-quality materials and extensive instructional plans for training operators (CIS). It is widely recognized in the wire and cable harness and the electronics industry. This curriculum is based on the IPC-A-620 standard and comprises certified IPC training, certification, and instructional materials. The electronics industry's users, consultants, assemblers, and OEMs developed this standard. Many people have been taught and qualified in the program IPC-A-620 CIT training center. This accreditation will demonstrate your dedication to customer needs and benefit any organization pursuing ISO or other quality assurance projects.

BEST Inc. also provides clients with gold finger repair, SMT pad repair and replating, microminiature BGA pad repair, populated PCB repair, and other PCB repair services. Circuit board repair equipment, such as high-speed machining and drilling capabilities, are used on-site. They can now perform specialized PCB repairs as a result of this. They also have several lasers that may be used to cut, engrave, blade, and eliminate selective solder masks from PCBs. As a result, consumers needing PCB board repair can contact BEST Inc."

We have trained many soldering professionals and have a long list of delighted customers. One of our top objectives is to provide customers with the training experience they desire, and we have always succeeded. We also make sure that practical experience is prioritized in our courses and that students are graded on the quality of their work.

About BEST Inc.

BEST Inc. offers a mobile training facility. This is a customized 18-wheeler that arrives at your plant, connects to plant power, and then begins training. Students are kept comfy in the atmosphere and have access to the most up-to-date soldering equipment, such as stereo microscopes, flat-screen monitors for demonstrations, and fume extraction equipment, among other things. Therefore, if you want a j-std-001 certification training kit, you can get it from BEST Inc.

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