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Dads -- Easily and Profoundly Connect with Your Children in Just a Few Minutes a Day, Here's How...
Life is busy with work, bills, family obligations, and more. This new 3 page tool is deigned to empower fathers to profoundly impact their children daily, in minutes a day. Fun and easy to use, it will make you the dad you always wanted to be., 6/14/2019 - From the Price of Business Store at Etsy:

"Dads -- and all parents --have a difficult time juggling life with work, bills, house up keep, etc. In the shuffle it is really easy to simply forget about meaningful engagement with the children and when one thinks about such, they are sure it will be a huge demand on time. Next thing you know, dad moves on to the next project. What if there was a simple way to have meaningful engagement with your child daily and it only takes a few minutes every time? That is exactly what the Dad-Child Connector provides in simple checklist form. It is trans-formative and lets one significantly connect with our children in ways that are easy, but memorable.

"The world is busier now than ever and there are so many demands on parents. It is easy to go days and even longer without having any meaningful conversation with a son or daughter. This is rarely done intentionally, it is just parents are overwhelmed. So I decided to ask parents I respect some ideas they had for engagement and came up with this simple document. It is designed to:

- Make it fast. Each day all you have to do is one of these and your child will remember it. Each one only takes a few minutes.

- Make it meaningful. Each one is designed to show genuine interest in the child and to regular check up on how that child is doing.

- Make it a discipline for the parent. With this, dad will no longer have to wonder when is the last time he engaged with his child or when there will be time to do it again. Instead it is almost turn key and in no time it should be a part of a parent's routine like eating, brushing teeth, etc..

"This is letter size (8.5 x 11) and is in easy to read blue ink and with bullet points for quick reading. It has "action" written all over it and can be used immediately to enhance and strengthen ones relationship with a child.


"In this tech savvy generation, we e-mail, text, tweet, facetime, etc. However, few know how to address generational issues. We find ourselves trying to parent without tools? Kevin Price has offered a very practical approach to drawing out your child’s heart. “The Daily Dad-Child Connector” is a call to action, providing implementable steps for relational building that many parents long for. This guide is concise, doable, and a great foundation for discovering your own relational tools...."


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