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How Simple Embroidery Can Change Your Fashion
The Price of Business Digital Network is a leader in providing thoughtful news and information on the important stories of the day. Here's the latest from a PoB Digital Network Member., 11/08/2019 - FROM THE DAILY BLAZE

The richness and variety of embroidered dresses is so great that it saves you time when choosing additional jewelry. An embroidered dress is not only an item of outerwear, it is an indicator of your taste and style, and most importantly, a dress can emphasize your femininity, which men love so much. Dress with embroidery looks very beautiful and attractive.

Embroidered dresses were in fashion even when our ancestors were pagans. They worshiped the forces of nature, and just then the first ornaments appeared on clothes, as well as on household items. The art of embroidering women has been taught since childhood. They embroidered both clothes and dowry for their wedding – special holiday towels (called rushnyks).

Different patterns could express devotion to divine powers, uniqueness, as well as the individual taste of each bride. Today, the national ornament on the dress is a symbol of kindness and respect for traditions. In our online store you can buy a dress with Ukrainian embroidery. Unique patterns are created by our experienced designers with extensive experience. We offer such a large assortment that every Ukrainian can choose the outfit that suits her and conquer others with her original and individual style.

Embroidered dress – what to wear?

As for shoes, under the embroidered dress you can easily wear summer peeps, sandals or espadrilles. In addition, you can always use modern models of sandals with a square or thick heel and any kind of shoes with ties. In some cases, classic women’s shoes look great.

An important aspect will be the choice of bags. It is best to use bag-bags or wicker-bag-baskets that are decorated with fringe, embroidery or beads. It will be interesting to look at a saddle bag made in a light country style, which is suitable for almost any dress and high-heeled shoes.

You can complement your image with a headdress, because almost any hat will look interesting in combination with a dress and an embroidered shirt as well. When choosing a hat, try to make it harmonize with the oval of the face.

To complete the image, it remains to determine the accessories. Here it is best to pick up large, ethnic and massive jewelry. Thin chains with rings and barely noticeable earrings will also look good.

To buy an embroidered dress – dilute your wardrobe with bright designer clothes

An embroidered dress is a good alternative to the fluffy, elegant dresses that are so tired of everyone. This dress looks beautiful and expensive...



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