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If Your Basement Floods, You Better Take These Steps Fast
The Price of Business Digital Network is a leader in providing thoughtful news and information on the important stories of the day. Here's the latest from a PoB Digital Network Member., 11/08/2019 - FROM THE TIMES USA

Walking into your basement to find flooding would cause anyone to be alarmed and stressed out. It can also be an extremely dangerous area for someone to try to take care of on their own. To make life the simplest, seek the help of an expert to help you handle the nightmare this flooding has created.

Help from a professional will keep your family from being at risk of explosion... and mold. If the hazard risks aren’t enough, there is also a lot of cleaning involved after flooding. Some of the scrubbing will require you to get on your hands and knees.

Seeking the help of a professional water damage restoration company can minimize risk and the time it takes to get it all done. Time is of the essence after flooding as mold grows quickly, often spreading within 24 hours.

7 Steps to Follow after Flooding

1. DO NOT Enter the Basement

Your first thought when walking downstairs and seeing that your basement has flooded might be to protect those family heirlooms and treasures that you thought were safely stored. However, walking into the flooded territory poses a high risk for electrocution which would only make matters worse. Coming into contact with electrically charged water will cause electrocution. Even if the flooding is minimal it is not worth the risk of being shocked. Before heading into the flooded waters there are many steps to take to ensure that you and everyone in your home are safe.

2. Completely Shut Off Power

You should consider every piece of electrical equipment that was affected by the flooding ruined and will need to be replaced. The home’s electrical meter must be removed from its socket for the house to be completely disconnected from power. This should only be done by a licensed professional that understands what they are doing. If this is not done properly there is still a risk for shock. Never try to do any of this work by yourself or handle any part of the flooding process alone. Safety is in numbers!

3. Call Your Insurance

Even if you don’t think you are covered it doesn’t hurt to make a phone call to see if flooding is covered in your policy. Flooding is not normally covered in a regular homeowner policy, it is something you add on. However, if the flooding is caused by a burst pipe your insurance will often cover it. You will need to file a flood insurance claim after you figure out the status of your coverage. Knowing what kind of money you will have to fork out will change how you proceed with the next steps.

4. Identify Where the Water Source of the Flooding is Coming From

Will The Flooding Happen Again?

Finding the source of the flooding is your



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