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Join media producer Janice Hollis on her Power Up campaign
Playing it safe will only keep you marginalized and unfulfilled. . ., 5/16/2018 - New York. As a media producer for Television and film, I find one of my greatest struggles is maintaining synchronicity... learning to be present and refuse to accept fear. So I encourage you to join my journey and get POWER 4 U.


Playing it safe will only keep you marginalized and unfulfilled, there is something to be said about living with PASSION. With it you can fuel any campaign to obtain what is desired; without it, your lifestyle is limited and mundane. You really don’t feel alive or driven to excel. Not merely to acquire materialism, but to live fully and experience the fluctuations that create excitement and helps you to develop and expand.

No matter what path you've taken you need to know what power is available to enable you to succeed. To know the plan of God for your life so that you can reach your true destiny.

Today, make a conscious decision to get past any fears fighting against you moving beyond your comfort zone, know that it is necessary. Otherwise, your entire life will be governed by somebody else’s narrative and you were never meant to live this way.

And last, make winning and living better a lifestyle. One that looks good on you.

ALSO, MAKE THE CONNECTION with the Power Up Nation and lend your creativity and become a contributing voice as we SCAN the globe and change the world.

TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE 2018 JUST UNBELIEVABLE!! Go be great and power up.

Your Partner in SUCCESS.

Janice Hollis

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