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Journalist Accuse Capitol Police of "Manhandling" Report from The Daily Blaze
A new article from the Daily Blaze is reporting on a troubling story of the Capitol Police "manhandling" journalists. The threat of journalists being in danger has now reached the United States, 2/18/2019 - The world has become increasingly hostile towards journalists, even in the United States. The Daily Blaze is reporting a story from The National Press Club from last Friday which sharply criticized the Capitol Police for reportedly manhandling several reporters last week in the Senate basement and blocking the press from interviewing some senators during a vote.

The incident contravened the chamber’s long-standing bipartisan practice of supporting journalists’ access to lawmakers.

During a routine Thursday afternoon floor vote, a large number of reporters were gathered in the Senate basement to interview lawmakers when, without warning, Capitol Police officers interjected themselves between senators and reporters and in some instances manhandled and shoved reporters away, according to a Roll Call news report. This reportedly happened to the surprise of several senators, who were willingly engaging in interviews.

The altercation between reporters and police did not last long, and the police eventually allowed reporters to resume their customary subway interview practices. But it was nonetheless unacceptable, Club leaders said.

“Capitol Police dramatically over-reacted on Thursday and did more harm than good when they prevented accredited reporters from doing their job and further obstructed senators from communicating with the press. There was no call for the police to shove or place their hands on the reporters,” said National Press Club President Alison Kodjak.

The Senate basement is an area where senators embark and disembark from an internal subway system on their way to-and-from floor votes. It is widely considered one of the best spots on Capitol Hill for reporters to interview lawmakers. The general public is not permitted in the Senate subway area but duly accredited


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