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Lighthouse Network
David Hoskins
(844) 543-3242
PO Box 57 Suite or Floor Number
Greenville, Florida

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Lighthouse Network Provides Guidance to People in Need of Christian Residential Treatment Centers fo
Lighthouse Network, a Christian-based care guide service provider, offers life-growth resources for people struggling with PTSD and depression., 5/13/2022 - People dealing with addiction require the support and care of loved ones. They also need to be within groups or communities that would encourage their recovery. Lighthouse Network is a non-profit Christian helpline that provides care and guidance for people struggling with mental health and addictions. They are committed to helping people fulfill their God-given potential. The platform offers outpatient and residential treatment options that help patients recover and encourage them to remain hopeful. By using Christian-based solutions, they guide patients with issues about alcohol addiction, relationships, anxiety disorder, stress, depression, addiction, substance abuse, schizophrenia, psychosis, and other mental health illnesses.


In response to a query about their helpline services, the spokesperson of Lighthouse Network said, “We have been providing helpline services since 2003. We are passionate about seeing people who used to suffer from one addiction or illness fully restored, joyful, and hopeful again. There are a lot of issues people struggle with in the world today, and by Biblical and psychological solutions, we have been of great help to many. Our helpline is available and accessible 24/7, and you can be sure that we are always ready to be of help. We have received lots of testimonies from patients, and we will surely help you with having your own success story.”


There are many people in the world today who have all they ever can need, and yet they struggle with mental health disorders. This could be phobias, social anxiety, mood disorder, impulse disorder, anxiety disorder – OCD, and PTSD. Lighthouse Network’s mission is to assist people of this category with getting the care, guidance, and treatment they need to get back to full form. How they do this is very simple. They assist patients who reach out to them through their helpline with treatment resources and help them connect with Christian, Faith-based treatment centers. Based on the reviews they have received through the years, patients have always affirmed that they received quick responses and proper guidance from treatment centers that are reputable and trusted. Therefore, people who are searching for a  Christian PTSD treatment center can reach out to Lighthouse Network.


The spokesperson added, “Our goal is to help you walk freely again and live life happy and full of joy. We understand that we do not all have the same mental strength when it comes to challenges and circumstances of life. Some people, despite going through heavy financial loss, relationship problems, physical issues, and others are still able to retain a positive attitude and spirit towards life. What we do here is help people who are unable to deal with problems as regards anxiety, anger, managing their emotions, addictions, eating disorders, hallucinations, obsessions, and so forth. You can always give us a call if you struggle with any one of these.”


About Lighthouse Network:


Lighthouse Network is a Christian-based guidance platform for people struggling with addictions and people suffering from mental illnesses. Through their services, patients can  get Christian residential treatment centers for depression .

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