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Living Worthwhile Dreams
Janice Hollis and the POWER UP NATION invites you to infuse your day with power to transform your landscape and reconnect to divine order..., 7/11/2018 - POWER UP WEDNESDAY

New York. Media executive and international business consultant Janice Hollis invites you to take 60 seconds to infuse your life with personal power and faith.

Power Up Wednesday Segment – LIVING WORTHWHILE DREAMS

The very connation of living a worthwhile life implies one must have set standards and objectives that are being set, achieved, and reassessed to have a sense of accomplishment. It is imperative to ensure you are not lagging behind living unfulfilled because of a bad break, love interest said good-bye, or you just got tired along the way and lost hope.

You have to find the internal strength to refocus, to start putting the pieces back together and create momentum in your endeavors. You may not want a mansion, which is perfectly fine there is no requirement to have one. However, there must be deliberate steps taken that match the vibrational energy assigned to your life; you must be engaged according to your potential in order to fulfill your potential otherwise, the life you live here will be undercut and filled with substitutes. I know you don’t want that so where ever you find yourself today and if you are not where you are happiest or engaged doing what you are capable of doing keep seeking to find your destiny. That sweet spot in life where opportunities will continuously flow in your direction so that you can be all that you were created to be. Keep loving yourself and finding time to reconnect to the DIVINE to get direction, comfort and clarity. Keep it moving. You are worth it. POWER UP!

Need direction? God is always available to talk, direct and comfort but the exchange requires openness which can only be achieved when we are present and sometimes still.

And last, make winning and living better a lifestyle. One that looks good on you.

ALSO, MAKE THE CONNECTION with the Power Up Nation and lend your creativity and become a contributing voice as we SCAN the globe and change the world.

TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE 2018 JUST UNBELIEVABLE!! Go be great and power up.

Your Partner in SUCCESS.

Janice Hollis

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