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NIPS - A Highly Sensitive Screening Test for Fetus
Pregnancy is a time of great anticipation and, sometimes, anxiety. You might worry that your baby will have health problems. While most babies are born healthy, it's important to understand your options for obtaining details about your baby's...., 1/14/2022 - NIPT ( [FURL=]Non-Invasive Prenatal Test[/FURL]) is a non-invasive screening method to detect the presence of chromosomal abnormality or aneuploidy in the developing fetus. It is recommended for every pregnant woman regardless of their age & risk, for early screening of the possible genetic condition. NIPT is highly sensitive for Trisomy 21, Trisomy 13 & Trisomy 18.

Early Intervention and Screening for Fetal Genetic Abnormality

[FURL=]Genes2Me[/FURL] provides ClariT NIPT screening test for all chromosomes. NIPT test is recommended for expecting mothers in their early trimester and can be done from 10weeks of gestation. The test is of significance for women over 35 years, history of recurring pregnancy loss, history of children with genetic conditions, abnormal ultrasound findings, family history of genetic conditions etc. Genes2Me makes it accessible and affordable to all expecting mothers as an early intervention.

The NIPT [FURL=]genetic screening[/FURL] allows getting insight into various genetic abnormalities in the fetus as early as ten months of pregnancy. Accurate detection for Trisomy 21 (Down’s Syndrome), Trisomy 18 (Edward’s Syndrome), and Trisomy 13 (Patau’s Syndrome) help in providing early intervention and advanced genetic screening and counselling to make an informed decision.

Screening for Chromosomal Variation and Preventive Genetic Counselling

ClariT Lite NIPT screens accurately for Trisomy 21, 81 and 13 and further [FURL=]genetic counselling[/FURL] help make an informed decision. This test provides 99% sensitivity and >99.5% specificity for Down syndrome. The method is non-invasive and analyzes the cfDNA from the fetus present in the maternal blood. Without any risk of Problem, the test is safe and affordable and gives a clear picture of the presence of chromosomal aneuploidy.

Genes2Me offers ClariT NIPT that analyses fetal DNA for abnormality with the help of parallel sequencing technology. The risk-free pre-natal screening followed by a diagnostic test helps in taking early informed decisions by expecting couples. ClariT NIPT test help in screening abnormalities from chromosome 1 to 22 along with aneuploidy in the gender chromosomes. The test starts as early as the 10th week of gestation and helps in effective screening for chromosomal aneuploidies in the fetus.

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