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Mukesh Kumar
SAS Tower-B, 1105, Medicity
Sector-38 Gurugram 122001

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Genes2Me Pvt. Ltd.
created on: 12/20/2021
Genes2Me Private Limited

Genes2Me is NABL accredited genetic testing and diagnostic lab headquartered in Gurgaon with a PAN India presence and clientele. Genes2Me provides complete solutions not only under primary diagnostic but regular as well as advanced molecular diagnostics under 4 different major medical fields like Personalized Genomics, Mother and Child Care, Diagnostics and Oncology.

Latest Briefings:

NIPS - A Highly Sensitive Screening Test for Fetus 133 views
1/14/2022, Pregnancy is a time of great anticipation and, sometimes, anxiety. You might worry that your baby will have health problems. While most babies are born healthy, it's important to understand your options for obtaining details about your baby's.... read more
Microarray – An Advanced Chromosomal Testing 127 views
1/12/2022, Microarray testing in pregnancy is used to detect chromosomal abnormality in the unborn child. It is also useful for individuals who do not fit in a specifically known syndrome such as Down syndrome or other abnormalities such as Developmental delay. read more
Genes2me Launches New Parameters In Genes2fit To Optimise Your Fitness 163 views
12/22/2021, Genes2fit launches new parameters under its genetic profile fitness report. Now, apart from fitness parameters such as diet pattern, eating behaviour, nutritional needs, food reaction, body and weight, metabolic health factors. read more
Genes2Health is a Promising Genetic Screening Technology to Identify Health Risk Predisposition 158 views
12/21/2021, Genes2Health is a simple kit supported by a simple saliva test for validating the advance and innovative technology used for identification with help of clinical markers and assays. Genes2Me as a molecule diagnostic lab make it easy for individuals.. read more
Genes2Fit Decodes the Gene Profiling Impacting 40+ Lifestyle Traits 125 views
12/21/2021, Gene2Fit analyzes the genes associated with the traits that could hinder fitness. Personalized genetic testing helps in closely understanding how an individual’s genes impact metabolism, exercise, eating behavior, diet, lifestyle habits. read more
Genes2me Comes With New Parameters In Beauty, Diabetes, And Oncology 170 views
12/20/2021, To optimize well-being for all individuals, Genes2Me has launched new parameters in Beauty, diabetes, and Oncology. These parameters can help you determine your genetic predispositions to certain medical conditions. With the help of the Genes2Health. read more

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