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Observing The Launch Of A New Blockchain Technology
The Price of Business Digital Network is a leader in providing thoughtful news and information on the important stories of the day. Here's the latest from a PoB Digital Network Member., 7/12/2019 - FROM THE TIMES USA

TiENCHAT 2.0 App is the latest in blockchain networking and development platforms. CEO, William Tien has announced, in their latest update, that their proprietary public blockchain has been in its testing stages and will officially launch July 10, 2019. This TiEN blockchain will be the underlying powering source on which their entire platform is built.

“This is something we are really proud of,” says William. “Our new blockchain will host and secure the many functions of our platform; our ecommerce marketplace, our educational platform for ‘newbies’ just entering the Crypto-space, and our mini-dApp platform for the developers. Once we’ve integrated the blockchain and our existing payment gateway [TiENPAY] the opportunities are limitless. Big, very exciting things are coming…”

TiENCHAT 2.0’s latest application will push the boundaries of the existing blockchain space by creating an entirely new ecosystem that’s accessible to everyone. First-time crypto users and long-time developers alike will be able to buy, sell, and trade tokens on the platform. Users will also have access to purchase and sell goods and services on its marketplace, as well as develop and launch new dApps; all in a ‘cryptocoin-friendly’ environment. One of the main functions the TiEN Blockchain will provide is anonymous token analytics. This information will be displayed on the TiEN blockchain marketplace for user-focused development and research. The dApp platform server will host TiEN blockchain first dApps and will communicate on their messaging platform, TiENCHAT 2.0. With their blockchain launch,

TiENCHAT 2.0 will include payment gateways and will issue a total of 1 billion T8T tokens; the platform’s native currency.

“TiEN blockchain is upgrading security protocols of their existing platform by designing and launching their own unique blockchain. TiEN blockchain is doing what all companies will inevitably have to do in the coming years,” says Senior Blockchain Advisor Dr. Joseph Wang.

The TiEN blockchain is maintained on 7 primary Nodes. The blockchain is developed with the following features and functions of the TiEN blockchain...


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