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Popular "vintage America" Tv Show Finds Radio Home
The Price of Business Digital Network is a leader in providing thoughtful news and information on the important stories of the day. Here's the latest from a PoB Digital Network Member., 11/08/2019 - FROM USA BUSINESS RADIO

The nationally-syndicated Price of Business show, which is one of the longest continuously aired programs of its kind, has recently finalized a strategic partnership with Chronokinesis Entertainment LLC,, which is the parent company of the popular Vintage America with Ginger video streaming TV program which airs on many VOD platforms. Together they are creating a new segment for USA Business Radio and the Price of Business show called Vintage Living with Ginger Pauley.

The segment will be hosted by multi-faceted entertainer Ginger Pauley and will be a part of the Price of Business show as well as distributed on many partner platforms via USA Business Radio. The Price of Business is hosted by multi-award winning veteran broadcast journalist, Kevin Price. The segments will be frequent specials on the radio program. The Price of Business has a total coverage area of 88 percent of the the population, often with redundancy, because of its many platforms and radio markets.

“I’m so thrilled to be co-hosting with Kevin on this new venture! If you love history, vintage culture and nostalgia, you have to tune in and listen! It’s going to be very fun and informative!” said Pauley. “I’m very excited to be part of a new adventure as a co-host with Kevin Price of The Price Of Business Show! We’ll be talking to owners of vintage and antique businesses discussing their passion for what they do! If you love vintage, antiques, history and nostalgia, you don’t want to miss it!”

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