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Retrofit Your Sneakers – New And Already Broken-In Ones - With U-Lace Custom No-Tie Laces
The company owned by Tim Talley makes sneaker accessories including Classic & Kiddos no-tie laces, multi-color basketball nets and Lace Buddies; letter, icon, and emoji lace-lock charms for personalizing sneakers laced with U-Lace., 2/14/2019 - Replace messy knots and dragging laces on your sneakers with U-Lace no-tie laces and turn them into no-hassle, minimalist slip-ons shoes. The company has an extensive range of custom laces in assorted colors to mix and match as your mood sways. These are the original tieless laces that appeared on Shark Tank in 2014. Made from resilient yarn-dyed polyester fiber, these laces will make life a lot easier for kids, tweens, and adults.

“We came up with U-Lace to make sneaker lacing fun and easy. It comes in cool colors and patterns that transform your sneakers instantly into easy on/easy off slip-ons. Each segment of U-Lace is designed to span one set of eyelets, which means that you can lace your sneakers with as few or as many colors as you want. Designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, this product will change the way you play your sneaker game,” said the Chief Marketing Manager of U-Lace at a recent event.

No-tie laces from U-Lace give the power to customers to uniquely customize their Chucks, or any other sneakers they wish. Whether you want to lace up in a single color or want each lace to be a different color, it’s all about mixing and matching to your heart’s desire. The company makes sneaker laces in two categories - Classic and Kiddos. The classic collection is aimed at adults while Kiddos range caters to the young children aged 4-13 years.

Many kids will struggle to learn to tie their sneaker laces. U-Lace has been proven to bridge this learning gap. Even once kids learn how to tie their own laces – standard long laces will ultimately come untied throughout the day. This creates tripping hazards for the children. With no-tie modular laces, U-Lace reduces the risks of falling as there is no excess lace, aka bunny-ears - hanging down and nothing to ever come un-tied.

U-Lace created a special Kiddos range for kids and adults having smaller feet. There are endless possibilities to create vivid patterns with a wide range of colors including red, white, purple, gray, yellow, orange, neon, blue, green, and more.

With 24 colors in the Kiddos line and several multicolor packs, U-Lace offers more color options than any other modular lace brand in the market. The company’s line of products not only includes Classic and Kiddos laces but also several other sneaker-personalizing accessories. It recently launched Lace Buddies (a collection of letter, emoji, and icon lace-lock charms for personalizing sneakers), U-Nets (Limited-Edition Multi-Color Basketball Nets), and SiliPrint a new U-Lace no-tie lace featuring graphic designs printed with stretchy silicone ink.

Customers can now enjoy stylish makeover of their sneakers with U-Lace color options. To help them out, there’s a lacing and sizing guide on the website that makes selection easier.

About U-Lace:

U-Lace is a global brand manufacturing lace alternatives for sneakers. The company based in Rochester, NY, was founded by Tim Talley in 2008 to make making fun with its U-Lace easy shoelaces. It appeared on Shark Tank in 2014 and landed a huge investment from Mark Cuban. This helped in an impressive expansion of product line and global outreach by several times.

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