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The Ladies Cafe TV Show Looking For Your Topics
A show that empowers women to express their true beauty and strength while creating a new narrative for next generation of girls ..., 8/10/2018 - HI LADIES! THANK YOU for taking a moment to visit this release.

The Ladies Café TV show coming this fall is filled with riveting steamy conversations where everything is on the table and here is how you can be a part of the global community to help shape the global narrative for women everywhere.

As we are traveling to Cafes and sitting at kitchen tables across America discussing core issues and yes, some steamy tidbits as well send me your thoughts. What do you think is missing from our national dialogue for women from all walks of life and what message are we sending to little girls?

If your topic is chosen, you receive SEGMENT PRODUCER CREDIT and nominal compensation.


Also please join us on TWITTER and help us expand @theladiescafetv


Thank YOU!


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