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The Latest from the PoB Digital Network Covers March Madness, Technology, and Marketing Tools
Who is going to be the big winner in the NCAA tournament? Which countries are the hottest in technology in Latin America? These topics and more are covered in recent Price of Business Digital Network stories., 3/21/2019 - The following are some of the recent articles from the Price of Business Digital Network, which works with some of the leading content providers to keep our audiences informed. We love to hear from and work with content providers, if you have a story for our audience, contact us at

* Predictions on March Madness. From US Daily Review:

"On Saturday 10th March 2019, Belmont lost to Murray State in securing an automatic bid in a 65-77 Ohio Valley Conference.

"And so began the process of bracketologists running around confused to get some clear answers in the upcoming week of NCAA conference tournaments during all the March Madness.

"Most spectators can finally sit back and relax now that they know Ja Morant is going to be a part of the NCAA tournament. But that doesn’t take the bubble team Bruins out of hot water.

"But before all the conference tournaments madness is added to March Madness, let’s look at predictions about Belmont and other March Madness prospects to see what the experts have got to say..."


* There's a Boom in Latin Tech Markets -- What You Need to Know. From US Daily Review:

"Looking back, the tech industry has always looked to other markets for investment and outsourcing. Take Apple, for instance, time and time again the company has outsourced significant pieces of work to Indian IT services companies such as Wipro and Infosys.

"Similarly, Google outsources its work to companies such as Cognizant, which though US-based, have most of its employees residing in India. As tech companies continue to outsource, so too do the regions they are outsourcing to expand.

"Currents trends indicate that Latin America has the potential to be the next global hotspot for innovation and tech talent. To prove how true this is, consider the four Latin America countries discussed below."


* Ten Free Marketing Tools Businesses Need. From the Price of Business:

"Whether you’re trying to bootstrap your business, are having cashflow troubles, or are just trying to follow a strict budget, affordable, or better yet, free tools are something you’re probably always looking for. There are some tools that offer a free option that works just fine, but as your business starts to grow and you need more capabilities, or if you have a project you need to do that doesn’t fit within the tool’s free use options, you could end up facing the choice of spending the money or changing your plans. And although you may be able to make adjustments or compromises in some areas of your business, there are others where you just shouldn’t—areas like marketing."


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