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U-Lace Bestsellers Are A Must-Have In Every Shoe Closet
Established in 2008 in Rochester, New York, U-Lace has flourished under the able leadership of CEO Tim Talley., 1/30/2019 - After a successful pitch on Shark Tank in 2013, U-Lace gained immense popularity amongst youngsters and adults. Ever since, the brand has taken off to new heights and sales have been nothing short of extraordinary. For customers who want to experiment with these modular no-tie laces, the best place to start is their collection of bestsellers.

Whether you’re looking for short shoelaces or want to know where to buy boot laces, one of the top solutions will be from the U-Lace website. Today, U-Lace is synonymous with no-tying laces wherein you lace once and never tie again. This selling point has made them popular with school children, hospital staff, travelers going through security checks and fashion and comfort seekers alike. The company offers a wide range of polyester woven fabric laces that can fit your sneakers, kicks and boots too.

A sales director quotes, “We have always been the preferred choice of laces for everyone who wants to experience magic on their feet. Our bright colors, cost-effective pricing, and extensive range of products make us a must-try laces brand in the country.” Backed by their popularity, many new customers are now looking for short shoelaces to change the look and feel of their sneakers.

In the bestsellers section, customers can find a wide range of laces. Starting from the classic black to the bright blues and greens, and moving towards glamour are the metallic silver and hot pinks. There are also various shades for kids under their Kiddos collection. It suits children between the ages of 4 and 12 and also some teens and adults with smaller feet. The bright purple, blue and pink will brighten up every child’s day and make wearing sneakers so much more fun and fashionable. U-Lace also manufactures U-Nets, customized basketball nets with a lot of color and zest.

One of the greatest benefits of the durable and resilient laces is that they fit almost all sneakers with eyelets. You can also wear them with boots so you don’t have to worry about where to buy boot laces when you’re trying to be trendy. You can mix-n-match various colors for that smart look. The company does mention that you need two packs of laces for one pair of sneakers so there is a lot of scope to experiment!

For any fitting guide queries, you can always head to the U-Lace University, a unique platform dedicated to helping newcomers with their purchases.

About U-Lace

Established in 2008 in Rochester, New York, U-Lace has flourished under the able leadership of CEO Tim Talley. His innovative mindset has helped the brand constantly deliver new colors, designs and patters while retaining their customers at every step. Today, customers associate fashion, creativity, comfort and simplicity with U-Lace. After all, the brand is all about U!

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