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What Are The Hurdles Between You And The Job You Want? They Are These And These Are The Answers
The Price of Business Digital Network is a leader in providing thoughtful news and information on the important stories of the day. Here's the latest from a PoB Digital Network Member., 8/15/2019 - FROM PRICEOFBUSINESS.COM

Sometimes getting into a position where we get to do the job of our dreams every day can seem blocked at every turn. In fact, it can appear as if endless hurdles are standing in the way of our career goals. Happily, there are some tactics you can use to overcome these blocks and land the job of your dreams. Read on to find out what they are.

Qualifications vs. Experience

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome on your path to your dream job is whether to spend your time getting the qualifications or using it to gain real-life experience. Of course, the problem is that many careers often ask for both, which puts you in a problematic Catch 22 type situation.

Luckily, there are some tactics you can use to get around this, including picking a training course that also provides you with hands-on experience or placements. Something that can show you will be able to cope with the demands of the job outside of the classroom.

Alternatively, you can choose to do some volunteer, shadowing, or even intern work in your chosen field. Either while you are studying or directly after. This should then provide you will both the educational and experience requirements necessary to land your dream job.

Your resume is letting you down

Even when you have the right qualifications and the experience that your dream job demands, you can still run into hurdles in the application process. Of course, one of these issues is that while the content of your resume is good, the design and presentation itself is letting you down.

Happily, this is an issue that is easily solved, and you don’t need to pay out for a professional graphic designer to do it for you either! Instead, why not use a free resume maker that you can access online and do it yourself? You only need to drag and drop the right sections and then populate them with information relevant to your career. It really couldn’t be easier, and it might just get your application for your dream job put at the top of the pile.

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